About Us

Since its establishment in 1968, the association works consistently towards its objective: to promote the sport of sailing and yacht racing amongst schools in Hong Kong, to foster and participate in international sailing and yacht racing activities and to be the representative of interest for Hong Kong schools, teachers and students in the sport of sailing and yacht racing.

A Brief History


The Hong Kong Schools Sailing Association was founded in 1968 by a group of enthusiasts who were both teachers and sailors who share the vision of promoting the sport of sailing to secondary school students in Hong Kong. Under the leadership of founding Chairman Mr. Neil Harding, the association was able to obtain assistance from the Education Department of Hong Kong and secure a generous donation from the Rotary Club, which was used set up a minimal sailing center within the premises of Stanley Prison. A few ‘Cadet’ class sailing dinghies were available for training at initially. Eight ‘Bosun’ class sailing dinghies were later purchased with a subsidy from Sir David Trench Fund for Recreation. The number of member schools was small at the time and most of the participants were expatriates.


Headed by the second chairman Mr. Alan Martin, the association was granted HK$500,000 by the government to build a permanent sailing center in Tai Mei Tuk, Tai Po. Meanwhile, 12 ‘Otter’ class sailing dinghies were added to the association’s fleet. Tai Mei Tuk center’s opening ceremony, officiated by the then Governor of Hong Kong, Sir Murray MacLehose, held on 14 April 1976.


An extension of the center was built to cater for the rising need for facilities, with then Secretary for New Territories Sir David Akers-Jones officiating, Tai Mei Tuk center extension was opened on 19 January 1980, which marked the development of the Hong Kong Schools Sailing Association. Leading the association through the 1980s was the third chairman Mr. Anthony Tong. The association focused expending it’s mostly expatriates member base and reaching out to recruit member from all secondary schools. As a result the number of member schools was increased to forty. At the same time the association was granted HK$250,000 by the David Trench Recreation Fund to purchase six ‘470’ class sailing dinghies – which enabled our students to be trained for advanced sailing skills and to take part in the international regattas. Since the late 80s, the association has been participating in a lot of races with remarkable results, particularly in the Tolo Channel Regatta and the Tai Po Regatta.


In the 90s, the association focused on training and development of sailing under the leadership of Mr. Koon-sang Wong and subsequently Mr. Wilson Yuen. In 1995, the Tai Mei Tuk center was rebuilt and facilities were enhanced so as to provide a better training environment of students. The center was re-opened on 9 April 1995 and in the same year, the association has been granted by the Sir David Trench Recreation Fund to purchase a fleet of seven ‘Topper’ sailing dinghies which enabled students to be trained in the techniques of single-handler dinghies.


Hong Kong Schools Sailing Association has been granted funding from the Sir David Trench Fund for Recreation(Main Fund) for 2018-2019 to support its purchases of sports/ recreational equipment under Non-Capital Words Projects. The equipments are :

Laser 4.7 sails

Laser 4.7 lower mast

Buoyancy aid