Course Enrolment Note

  1. To register for HKSSA’s paid or unpaid activities, applicants must first create an account via this website and agree to provide the relevant personal information for identification and communication. To register, please click here.

  2. There are three account types available: student, adult and Albatross Team member. Choose the appropriate account type according to the descriptions below.

    1. Student – account holders must be enrolled as full-time primary and secondary students in Hong Kong. Please note that students studying at a tertiary level or above have to apply for adult accounts. Applicants must upload a valid student ID document with a photo, such as a student ID, student handbook or other documents to validate their identity. Student accounts are only valid for one year and are reset annually in September. Student account holders can enjoy student course fees.

    2. Adult – account holders are those studying at a tertiary level or above, non-students or non-full-time students who are aged 18 or above. Adult account holders pay adult prices.

    3. Albatross Team – account holders are those nominated by the lead coach to receive long-term training. They may represent HKSSA in regattas. To join the Albatross Team, please contact the lead coach.

  3. Applicants must personally fill in the online registration form and register for an account themselves. Parents and/or guardians must register on behalf of applicants under the age of 18.

  4. Parents and/or guardians registering on behalf of more than one child must create separate accounts for each child. Use different account names for different children and different email addresses for all your children’s accounts. Use the account of the corresponding child when signing up for courses. 

  5. To sign up for an activity, applicants must first log in to their own account.

  6. Entry requirements for each course are clearly listed on each page. Applicants must first double-check that they have fulfilled the relevant requirements and have recorded the necessary sailing hours in their HKSF logbook (if applicable). No refunds will be offered if participants withdraw due to being unable to fulfil the lowest entry requirements. 

  7. When signing up for each course, applicants must read and sign the required declarations. If applicants are under the age of 18, the declaration must be signed by a parent or guardian. 

  8. After signing up, applicants will receive an email confirmation in their registered emails. Applicants must pay the course fee within 48 hours to HKSSA’s bank account. Applicants may choose to pay either by cash deposit, FPS or online bank transfer. Payment details will be provided in the email confirmation. HKSSA no longer accepts in-person payments on the day of the activity by cash or cheque, or mailed payments. 

  9. After paying, please clearly write your name and the course code on the bank payment receipt and upload the receipt image file to our website. 

    1. Please first log in to your account

    2. Go to: Account Dashboard My Courses

    3. Alternatively, directly access

    4. Choose the corresponding course, scroll to the bottom of the page and click Upload File to upload an image of your bank payment receipt 

  10. After your payment has been confirmed, an email confirmation will be sent to your email. Please note that if no payment receipt is uploaded within 48 hours after enrolment, applicants will receive an email to inform him/her that his/her place has been withdrawn. If the applicant still wishes to participate in the course, he/she must apply again but the original place cannot be guaranteed. 

  11. Important Reminder 1:
    Please note that a successful payment does not indicate that the course will run. A course will only run if it is fully subscribed before the application deadline. Only when a CLASS OPEN CONFIRMATION EMAIL is received, the course is officially confirmed to be run. 

  12. Important Reminder 2: In the event of activity cancellation by HKSSA, participants are entitled to a full refund. These events include: insufficient applicants, bad weather, classes that cannot be rescheduled, or other reasons.